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Well-known since 2003 for our expertise in topography and certified in network georeferencing, we can assist you in all types of topographical surveys, in Reunion Island and all across the Indian Ocean.

Mastering a large set of technologies and having access to high-end tools and equipment, our surveyors will know how to adapt themselves to your project constraints and ensure precise results, no matter the circumstances.

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What is topography ?

Topography is the study of the land surface, which allows us to measure and to map the visible objects, aspects and shapes present on a terrain. Those objects can be natural (trees, landform ...) or artificial (roads, buildings, structures ...) : this mapping aims to define the planimetric and altimetric position of all the points present in a certain area at a certain level of precision.

The business core of TOPO Services is topography : our team is composed of surveyors and topographers from different backgrounds, from baccalaureate to engineering school graduates. Thanks to our diverse skills and tool set, we can adapt to all situations and provide our clients with the most relevant solutions depending on their needs and project constraints.

It is necessary, for all projects and no matter their scale, to map the terrain beforehand. A high-quality survey will result in a better control of project costs, from the preliminary study itself to the project conclusion. Internal control at each step of the survey, through information and collected data crossing, will ensure the results reliability.

Continous technological advancement in topography has eventually led us to a quicker and more precise measurement than before.

New technologies (robotic stations, drones, GPS, mobile mapping…) are merely tools provided to the surveyor / topographer to help him conduct its mission. Those technologies will never replace the know-how and specific techniques used by the surveyor to comply with good engineering practices. Topography is a job in itself, no one can improvise himself as a surveyor. There are good practices which have to be complied with in order to ensure the required results precision and data collection techniques to know and master.

Nowadays, surveyors / topographers conduct surveys on opened or closed networks. In the case of opened trench record drawing, the surveyor must be certified in georeferencing. In the case of closed trench, the surveyor must be certified in network detection. TOPO Service is certified by Bureau Veritas in geo-referencing and soon-to-be certified in network detection.

Nivellement de la Route du littoral réalisé par TOPO Services Mesure traditionnelle pour le GPMDLR Préparation équipement en vue d'un accès par ravine - Photo de TOPO Services Mesure topographique en ravine réalisée par TOPO Services

Land leveling of the Reunion Island Coast Road

Traditionnal monitoring for the GPMDLR

Preparing the equipment for a ravine survey

Topographical survey requiring access through the ravine

Icône d'information réalisée par TOPO Services

Pros and cons of traditional topography

Very precise measurements

The main advantage of traditional topography techniques, applied by a technician and his basic surveyor tools, resides in its millimeter-scale accuracy. This basic equipment includes a total station, a precision level useful for the survey tools positioning and all the documentation and already collected data (civil engineering, control reports, expertise documents, leveling and topographical surveys, etc.).

Difficult set up depending on the survey area

As manual surveys, the main limit of those techniques resides in the surveyed area accessibility. Nonetheless, thanks to new surveying technologies, the use of drones can now free us of this constraint, but at the cost of other technical and legal constraints.

Our technical equipment

The equipment made available to our teams is regularly renewed. In this regard, due attention is paid to the surveyors tools upgrade for the continous improvement of our surveys accuracy. Our current tools are listed below :

  • Five Leica theodolites

    Two TS15 1', one TS15 5', one TS16 3' and one MS50 1'

  • 3 Leica GPS + 1 Leica GS10 movable pivot

    GS14 and GS18 models

  • leveling tools

    DNA03 electronical level with 2m invar staff and the adequate equipment for precision leveling

  • Detection tools (rented)

    DS2000 and CAT4+

Théodolite Leica sur le Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion, matériel de TOPO Services Théodolite Leica sur le chantier de la Rivière des Galets, matériel de TOPO Services Théodolite Leica sur la plage de St Pierre, matériel de TOPO Services GPS GS18 sur l'aéroport Roland Garros, matériel de TOPO Services Pivot Mobile Leica GS10 sur le chantier de la route des Tamarins, matériel de TOPO Services Niveau électronique DNA03, matériel de TOPO Services DS2000, matériel de détection de TOPO Services CAT4+, matériel de détection de TOPO Services

Leica theodolite on the Grand Port Maritime of Reunion Island

Leica theodolite on the Rivière des Galets survey area

Leica theodolite on St Pierre beach

GS18 GPS on Roland Garros airport

Pivot Mobile Leica GS10 movable pivot on the Route des Tamarins construction site

DNA03 electronical level with 2m invar staff

DS2000, detection equipment

CAT4+, detection equipment

A few of our works

Photo d'un théodolite sur site Exemple de référence utilisée pour la polygonale Rattachement des stations à l'aide d'un GPS Photo de l'équipement spécifique pour relever les déchets Rendus sous forme de plan AutoCAD avec un MNT fidèle au terrain naturel Rendus sous forme de plan AutoCAD avec un MNT fidèle au terrain naturel

Leica theodolite TS15P 1' on ISDND site

Reference mark example, as used in polygonation

Stations reattachment with GPS use

Specific equipment used for waste collection

AutoCAD drawing with an accurate Digital Terrain Model of the natural ground

AutoCAD drawings with an accurate Digital Terrain Model of the natural ground


Topographical survey

Survey conducted with the use of a GPS and a theodolite – Survey of the 55ha area updated annually.

Setting up of a polygonal traverse for the topographical survey of the area. This survey has been rendered as a topographical plan and a Digital Terrain Model based on 3d slope rupture lines.

  • Area of intervention

    ISDND at Pierrefonds, in St-Pierre

Réalisation de relevés assurée par TOPO Services Réalisation de relevés assurée par TOPO Services Rendu sous forme de plan topographique sous AutoCAD Plan de recollement des réseaux EU et EP distincts Plan de recollement des réseaux EU et EP distincts

Conducting measurements

Conducting measurements

AutoCAD topographical plan

EU and EP distincts networks record drawing

EU and EP distincts networks record drawing


Record drawing of an allotment

The survey was conducted during works advancement to realize a complete general as-built drawing.

Topographical plan rendered with separate layers for the EU and EP networks.

  • Equipments used in this project

    TS16 3’ and GPS

  • Area of intervention

    La Saline-les-Bains
    Reunion Island

Mise en oeuvre des mesures de la Route du Littoral par TOPO Services Mise en oeuvre des mesures de la Route du Littoral par TOPO Services

Conducting measurements

Conducting measurements


Precision leveling project

Double Chowlesky leveling with a leveling tool and two sights on two parralel ways on RN1 emergency lane.

We spent three days conducting a 7 kms double-leveling with the opening and closing of the pathways on 5 leveling reference points. The results have been rendered as an excel spreadsheet showing surveyed points altimetry.

  • Area of intervention

    Route du Littoral (NRL construction site)

  • Equipments used in this project

    DNA03 and two 2m invar staffs + footplates

MS50 sur pilier d’auscultation pour le chantier de la NRL

MS50 positioned on telescopic pillar for NRL site survey


Polygonal traverse monitoring

As external monitors on specific projects, we sometimes have to monitor what construction companies are currently building. We can as such monitor polygonal traverses, implementations, etc.

  • Equipments used in this project

    MS50 1’ with forced centering tools

Calage et implantation de précision de platine pour support de panneaux solaires à l'aéroport Roland Garros

Roland Garros Airport Project


Roland Garros Airport Project

Angular setting and accuracy implementation for solar-panels support frames.

  • Area of intervention

    Sainte-Marie, Reunion Island

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